FOW: Three Month Painting Challenge Long Gone

Flames of War DAK Panzers It’s June already! Time I posted about the three month painting challenge we kicked off in February then. No, your addition isn’t wrong, this challenge was supposed to finish at the end of April which was over a month ago. However for a variety of reasons much of late April and May was rather awful for my extended family and I simply had no time nor desire to do any hobby work.

I did start the challenge fairly strong, with the three DAK armored platoons I needed primed and ready to paint. It wasn’t long before I’d weathered all my DAK tanks with Marmite and the turrets were finished a week later!

Then things went on the back burner and here we are early June and all I’ve managed to finish and varnish is the two DAK panzers you see above – a IIIJ late and a IV F2. Still I feel a little more inspired now and will try and get some more of this army painted this year. How did everybody else go?

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