Seeking Horde of the Things?

Eureka Miniatures 18mm Elves Eureka Miniatures recently released a new line of 18mm Fantasy Elves and Tabletop Gaming News posted about the release which was where I stumbled upon it. I was interested to see Eureka are an Australian manufacturer and actually do a whole line of 18mm Fantasy armies, from Orcs to Dwarves, from Centaurs to Men with large scale creatures thrown in.

The figures look reasonably well sculpted and both the scale and price is right for my tastes, however I have no idea what rule-set these figures are intended for? I assuming they’re designed to be used with Horde of the Things which is a Fantasy variant of the DBA Ancients rules.

Unfortunately after some searching I simply cannot find a distributor for these rules locally or on the web. The rules were created in 1991 so there’s a good chance they’re simply out of print! Can anybody suggest an Australian or New Zealand supplier that might carry a copy of Horde of the Things?

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