Ancients: Carthaginian Slingers

Carthaginian Slingers It’s been a wet and wild month in New Zealand, with the country encountering an almost record amount of rainfall for July. A month of awful weather has inspired me to get some painting done, and a desire to try some DBA means I’m focused on painting my two 15mm Corvus Belli Ancients armies. First up is the Carthaginians which I ordered in December 2006, primed in April 2007 and have since been languishing in the gaming cupboard.

Carthaginian Slingers As it’s been a while I’ve warmed up by painting the least interesting units in the army first, four elements of Baleric Slingers or Psiloi as DBA classes them. As a DBA army always has twelve elements, these four bases represent a third of the entire force! So it seems a pity it’s taken me so long to get around to painting them, particularly considering they’re only eight 15mm figures in total.

Ancient slingers were a force to be reckoned with apparently, and in DBA they evidently act as a nice supporting unit to front rank elements. Now they’re out of the way I can paint up some of the more interesting units in the Carthaginian force!

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