One Monk Paper 30mm Armies

One Monk 30mm Paper Undead Crossbow An article appeared on Tabletop Gaming News recently highlighting One Monk Miniatures’ latest release. I’ve haven’t stumbled across this company before (they seem new) but they do a nice cheap range of printable 30mm printable paper Fantasy and Sci Fi armies. There’s also a free sample PDF of 30mm Fantasy Monsters.

These figure collections seem squarely aimed at Games Workshop Warhammer Fantasy or Warhammer 40k players and they look like a nice cheap way of throwing together a representation of a GW Fantasy army in a few evenings. Alas at the moment One Monk only sell an Undead Battalion, but it seems they have plans for a range of Fantasy armies, amongst other things.

Given that it takes me a few evenings to paint one GW 28mm scale figure, I’m tempted to buy a few of these PDFs print them out and break out a sharp scalpel to round out my incomplete Warhammer Vampire Counts army. Building a paper army like this is also probably a more cost effective way of trying out a new Warhammer army before committing to purchasing hundreds (or thousands) of dollars of expensive GW figures – assuming you want to try Undead at the moment!

Another good use for this kind of army would be introducing your kids to Games Workshop games without the worry of having them game with your collection of fragile, hand painted figures! I’ll be keeping an eye out for future One Monk releases.

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