Ancients: Final Carthaginian Spear

15mm Carthaginian Spear Continuing on with things I’m supposed to have finished last year here’s the last 15mm Corvus Belli Carthaginian Spear for my DBA force. This leaves me the final ‘General’ unit of Cavalry to paint before the close of January, which might actually achieve.

It’s hard to believe I picked these forces up over two years ago, but apparently that is the case. Once the Carthaginians are complete I’ll start on the Polybian Romans, then I’ll try to lure Aaron and other gaming buddies into a few more games of De Bellis Antiquitatis. I’m confident they’ll fall for it if I can offer up two painted 15mm Ancients armies to game with. Of course given my track record with the first army they’ll probably be safe until around early 2011! By which time my eldest son will be seven and a half, which might be a good age to start exposing him to war games like DBA, possibly in a slightly simplified kid friendly form?

15mm Carthaginian Spear At any rate the painted Carthaginians are looking quite nice ranked up on my garage shelves and I’m looking forward to posting some shots of the finished force. For the interim, here’s the three Spear bases ranked up. If you’re wondering about the simple flat colour shields, it’s because I am still considering purchasing some 15mm decals to apply to them for a little more ‘pop’.

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