Pulp: Tempus Fugit Scenario

Pulp Villains My gaming mates and I kicked off a new year of gaming with a bit of Pulp .45 Adventure madness. Simply because Pulp is a nice, fun game and a few of the group hadn’t tried it before. For the occasion I threw together a stand alone Pulp scenario that can be played without any sort of moderation – as it’s usually me that ends up moderating and not getting any gaming in!

I’ve converted the Tempus Fugit scenario into a small PDF you can download. The scenario is designed for four to six players, each with a couple of figures. It’s pretty straight forward except there’s a hidden aspect, so players don’t know who else is a friend or foe. This resulted in some hilarity in the play through, with my own villain and his sidekick getting ruthlessly and repeatedly shot by other villains on the table. I guess there’s no honour amoungst power crazed madmen?

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