Pulp: Lady and the Sentry

Painted 28mm Pulp Heroes I recently made the mistake of introducing my lovely wife to the Battlestar Galactica TV series when I bought the three season DVD boxed set. Since then I’ve been forced to watch several episodes of BSG a night and consequentially haven’t got a lot of painting done. After our last Pulp game I was at least inspired enough to finish off these two Pulp figures. I’m also half way through painting that final 15mm Carthaginian base.

The lady on the left is from Copplestone Castings and the Wehrmacht sentry is from Artizan Designs. That lantern jawed German has been kicking around my paint station for no less than two years, since I last got some Pulp painting done. So it’s a relief to finally have him packed away in the gaming cupboard.

The irony is that having painted some Pulp figures, Daniel and his flatmate, in a fit of madness, dropped $300nz each on Warhammer Fantasy figures. So it seems we may be playing some Border Patrol in the near future! Might be time to assemble some of the Orcs I bought in 2006. Funny how this stuff goes in cycles isn’t it?

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