Orc Border Patrol – Warhammer

Unpainted Orc Chariot I had a bunch of plastic Orc and Goblins on the sprue in my garage. As they’ve been there since late 2006, they’ve definitely met the mandatory 18 month post-purchase stand-down period. So in the last week I’ve been throwing them together while watching BSG Season 2. They’ve initially been assembled as a Warhammer Border Patrol force consisting of:

– An Orc Hero on foot as the General,
– 24 Orcs with double hand-weapons,
– Two units of 5 Goblin Wolf Riders with spears,
– And an Orcish Boar Chariot with two riders.

That lot comes to around 500 points depending on whether you use the 6th or 7th Edition Orc and Goblin army book. To be honest looking at the two I don’t see a lot of difference force wise either, so it’s kind of hard to tell why Games Workshop bothered with the latest Orc army book.

I doubt these figures will see any paint in the near future. I’ve just assembled them so I can play them ‘in the gray’ with friends. I am mildly tempted to try speed painting the rank and file, which isn’t an art I’ve mastered as I typically take days to paint a since 28mm figure. I also white prime rather than black, which complicates things too. I’m considering trying a couple of green ink washes for Orc and Goblin flesh and simply scorched brown basing the rest of each figure and painting a coat or two over that. Basically that would give me ‘brown lining’ which is how I paint 15mm figures where it works reasonably well.

Anybody got any tips for speed painting white primed Orcs and Goblins?

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