Dipped Orc Unit Completed – Warhammer

Dipped Orc Unit Detail I finished my unit of Orc Warriors for Border Patrol earlier this week, but didn’t get a chance to photograph them until today. Due to an inability to count I’ve actually finished 21 Orcs for this unit of 20. I also have another 4 ready to paint if I want to take the unit to 25 Orcs, which is the upper limit on unit size in Border Patrol. However a unit that size is a fairly large chunk of a 500pt Border Patrol force, and I’d still like some room to experiment with other Orc or Goblin units.

Dipped Orc Unit The standard bearer in the front was partially tin dipped and partially brush dipped as I discovered my cheap tin of stain wasn’t quite as deep as I thought it was. It turns out that there are no problems brush painting dip on, which is not much of a surprise but still good to know.

I’ve also prepped an Orcish Boar Chariot for painting this week and while the Boars, Orcs and chariot wheels are all small enough to dip separately, the chariot body isn’t so it’ll be brush dipped. Hopefully it won’t be too hard to paint either since there’s not much to an Orcish chariot, just wood, metal and a few cloth tones to paint on before dipping. Once that’s complete I have ten Goblin Wolf Riders to paint to complete the 500pt force.

Although I doubt I’ll stop at 500 pts since I have another 30 Arrer Boyz I could assemble into two units and a second Boar Chariot as well which would get me up around 800 points.

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