Dipped Orc Chariot – Warhammer

Dipped Orc Boar Chariot I completed this Orc Boar Chariot over the week, painting and dipping the boars, riders and several parts of the chariot separately before putting it all together. This turned out to be something of a mistake because evidently you’re supposed to build the boars into the chariot before painting. Ah well, a sharp xacto blade and a little minor surgery on the chariot body got the boars into their harnesses with no obvious damage.

I have to say I’m pretty pleased with the end result. In particular the wood effect is superb considering it’s just a coat of dip over a Graveyard Earth base. I used to get much the same effect by messing around with several layers of drybrushing and an ink wash. The boars also turned out well I think, considering they’re painted with only three colours prior to dipping.

The next task is to find a reasonable way to dip Goblin Wolf Riders. The challenge is I’d like the wolves to be quite a dark tone. I’m considering mixing a small amount of darker dip and using a lightened base coat of Scorched Brown. Even though I bought the smallest tin of stain available, and I’ve dipped 20 Orcs and this chariot I still have plenty left in the tin, so dipping is not only easy it’s also economical. The wolf riders will get the same treatment as the Orcs and once I’ve painted ten wolf riders I will have completed a 500pt Border Patrol force.

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