Dipped Orc Border Patrol Complete – Warhammer

Dipped Orc Border Patrol Last weekend I finished the last five Goblin Wolf Riders to complete my Orc Border Patrol force. Each figure in this force has been painted the same way – primed white, base coated with flat colours and then dipped in an all-in-one varnish and stain product. I think they turned out quite nicely, and that’s certainly the fastest I’ve managed to painted this many figures. I started dipping them at the end of March, so they’ve taken me about six weeks in total. I found at most I could finish around five man sized figures every two evenings of painting. At that rate I could paint a 1500pt Warhammer Orc army in less than a year.

Once again I have to thank Dustan for his invaluable tips regarding dipping, without them I wouldn’t have bothered trying dip. Experiments with dip continue in both our houses – I’m looking to mix a good green dip for Warhammer Zombies and 40k Plague Marines while he’s trying for a blue dip for 40k Eldar.

Dipped Goblin Wolf Riders Here’s a close up of the last five Goblin Wolf Riders. I wasn’t quite so heavy handed with the matt varnish this time and their paint jobs look a little crisper on the table. Since this is a Border Patrol force, both Wolf Rider units lack Standards and Musicians. There’s little point giving these speed bump units Standards of course, but their poor Leadership would certainly benefit from Musicians, which may get added in the future.

Next I’ll look at expanding this force with the existing figures I already have – another Boar Chariot, 30 Orc Arrer boys (I’ll probably paint 20), about another 10 Orc boys in parts and then it’s time to spend some money! It’s been years since I’ve been into a Games Workshop store, and I’ll probably end up buying additional Regiment boxes from Vagabond in Auckland city.

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