Ancients: 15mm DBA Carthaginians Finished

15mm DBA Carthaginian Mounted I purchased this army four years ago, back in 2006, and I finally got the last base off my paint station a week ago. This is a DBA army and like all DBA armies, it consists of 12 bases of figures. That means I’ve painted this army at a rate of THREE 15mm bases per year which by any definition is a fairly relaxed painting schedule.

To be fair I have painted other things in the interim, and at the moment I’m just working to clear the odd figure off my paint station. In particular I desperately need to finish Griff’s Genestealers which have definitely been festering in my garage for far too long! Also, if you’re wondering, it was the General’s base to the right of the Elephant that I had to finish to complete the army.

15mm DBA Carthaginian Infantry We haven’t really played a lot of DBA for years either, although now I have one painted army, I’m tempted to just base up the Romans as well and try to lure Aaron into some more games. The few games we did play I quite enjoyed. DBA is a nice fast system and you can get a game over in an hour which means you can cram a couple of games into an evening week-night pretty easily. Daniel has been raving incoherently about Fields of Glory being a better system, but frankly with a three hour play time per game I’m not really that interested. I’m happy to sacrifice a level of detail for a considerably shorter play time. Feel free to weigh in with your DBA vs FOG comments below if you’re experienced with both systems.

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