Dremel Tools in New Zealand

As a hobbyist you always hear Dremel tools recommended. Unfortunately in New Zealand the Dremel brand seems to attract quite large premium, so I’ve avoided them until now and made do with a $40 knock off ‘hobby drill’.

That was fine until I borrowed Chris’s Dremel 300 and he pointed out Test’n’Tools sell Dremel in New Zealand for sane prices.

After using a Dremel tool first hand I can understand why people recommend them and I’ve picked up the basic Dremel 300 kit for $99nzd and added a keyless chuck so I can re-use my motley collection of bits.

For any hobbyists in New Zealand I’d heartily recommend Test’n’Tools for their reasonable prices, wide selection and excellent customer service. My order was dispatched the day after I placed it and arrived a day later in my PO Box. It’s always nice to find a local site that fast!

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