Dipped Orc Chariots – Warhammer

Dipped Orc Chariots After I dipped my first Orc Chariot way back in April 2009, I also completed most of the painting on the second one. Unfortunately since then it has been languishing at the back of my paint station in bits. Bits that I’ve been afraid of losing, particularly after I knocked one of the boar traces off the table and had to spend a good 20 minutes scrabbling around the garage floor to find it again.

So, this weekend I put down the Xbox controller long enough to finish the paint job and find my tin of custom chestnut varnish dip. Of course the varnish had completely skinned over in the tin, but some work with a screwdriver revealed plenty of perfectly useful dip still in there.

As usual dipping the figure was a snap and after leaving it to dry for a day or so I also had to dig up my matt varnish (man I really need to tidy up our garage). Unfortunately I made the mistake of varnishing the chariot while the tail end of a tropical cyclone was lashing Auckland city, so humidity was over 95% and of course the varnish started to mist where it was applied in multiple layers. Ah well, the misting isn’t too bad (see if you can spot it on the front chariot above), and actually ending up giving the chariot wood a sort of worn look where the Orcs would be holding on.

At any rate it’s nice to be back in the painting saddle after such a long break. Now I’m eyeballing my primed Warhammer Giant and thinking of how to dip paint him too.

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