Dipped Giant WIP – Warhammer

Dipped Warhammer Giant As my custom dip mix is still useful after sitting in the tin for over a year, I’ve started dip painting the various heads and hands of my magnetised Warhammer Giant. Here’s what I’ve completed so far: three heads – that’s all of them bar the horned Chaos head (which didn’t really appeal to me), and two sets of hands.

I’m happy with the results which are leathery looking which seems appropriate for a monsterous giant that would sleep rough outdoors. As usual there’s a few problems with small bubbles in the dip – see if you can spot them by clicking on the image to the left, and the dip itself is getting quite thick in the tin. However once again the speed at which I can prime, base and dip parts to a tabletop quality paint job makes it worth while. I should probably pick up a fresh tin and remix some dip if I need some more chestnut dip after finishing the giant.

Dipped Warhammer Giant I’ve started base painting the Giant’s main body too. Here he is with a set of painted bitz snapped on. The body itself is far too large to dip paint in one shot so I’m planning to brush the dip on in stages, working up from the ground base, to legs then torso and finally the arms.

The summer humidity is high here in Auckland at the moment, and my dip is based on a moisture cured polyurethane varnish so the work time is short. I get about five minutes after painting it on to address bubbles and drips before it starts curing. Hopefully this will work, and I’m aiming to paint in sections that have natural seams that will trap the dip, for example the edges of clothing etc.

I’m also considering painting some tattoo or wode details on the Giant’s body to break up the large expanse of naked flesh. That might require a bit of google searching for some suitable inspiration.

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