Dipped Giant Body WIP – Warhammer

I’d hoped to have the Warhammer Giant finished by now, but have got stalled on painting the shields and armor pieces attached to his arms as I was out of metallic paints until recently.

Here he is half painted and brush dipped up to his waist. It’s such a large figure there was no way I was going to dip the whole thing at once, mainly because of the short work time of the moisture cured varnish I based my dip on. So I’ve painted the figure’s base and main body and brushed on dip in two phases. The first was the base and his feet, the second was up to his waist. I was a little nervous about overlapping the dip like this, but of course since it’s varnish there’s no problem with applying multiple coats, or getting a bit of overlap at certain points.

You can see the finish on the varnish is quite shiny. That’s why you need a good matt varnish to use when dipping figures. Once the shine is gone, the dip seems to lighten a bit and the details will be more obvious. Although I am wondering if multiple coats of a less toned dip might be a better option in the future. Mind you a Fantasy Giant probably spends most of his time outdoors, so a particularly dark and leathery skin tone was what I was aiming for with this paint job.

Now to just finish off the shield arms and dip them and he’ll be done! Adding 245 points to my Warhammer Orcs and Goblins army, and possibly making an appearance in Mordheim.

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