Dystopian Wars: Covenant of Antarctica Escorts

Covenant of Antarctica Painted Escorts I decided to kick off the new year with some figure painting. I’ve been stalled on my Dystopian Wars Covenant ships for a while now as I couldn’t decide on a paint scheme and didn’t want to experiment on the larger ships from the Navy box. Fortunately late last year I filled out my force with some additional bits and pieces, including a blister of Galen escort class ships. These little vessels seemed like an ideal chance to experiment with paint schemes.

Here’s the first three escorts painted and varnished with the Army Painter Super Matt Varnish I reviewed last year. They were painted in similar colours to the Diogenes class frigates I’ve already painted, but with more grey and less of the icy blue. The smoke stacks were painted in Brazen Brass, highlighted with Shining Gold and then touched over with Dark Flesh wash. I think these colours provide a nice warm contrast to the cold scheme on the rest of the ship and I’ll be using the same scheme on my Cruisers and Battleships.

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