Flames of War: Third Edition

Weathered DAK Panzers Goodness, are we up to third edition already? I picked up one of the last copies of the Third Edition mini rulebook from Modelair in Newmarket this weekend and have been browsing it ever since. I have to say the new layout is fantastic, they’ve really tidied up the rulebook very nicely. The official Flames of War site has a nice ‘what’s changed’ summary for the folks that have been around since first edition. There’s a lot of minor tweaks to the rules, although it mostly seems like fine tuning and streamlining. Nothing really stands out for me yet, except there’s now a special rule for hitting tank turrets which might make you try your hand a bit more as a tank commander. I’m enjoying reading the new mini rules so much that it inspired me to finish off some of the DAK Panzers I started years ago!

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