Wargame: Mobile Frame Zero

Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack Legion Artillery Do you like independent war games? Do you like killer robots? Are you a father with at least one son and a Lego collection?

I figure a fair number of visitors to this blog fall into one or more of those categories, which is why I’m mentioning this slightly off-topic Kickstarter project I recently stumbled across: Mobile Frame Zero – Rapid Attack.

It’s a war game featuring battling robots built from micro Lego pieces which is roughly a month from closing on Kickstarter at the time of this post. It’s already funded too. I can’t say I’ve played the game, or know anything about it other than the Kickstarter description and that it involves making cool micro scale robots from Lego parts. However their introduction video features some happy war gamers so the system can’t be totally awful. It’s also an update of an earlier game called ‘Mechaton’ by one of the authors for Mobile Frame Zero, which Board Game Geek knows about and ranks fairly highly at 7.53 (out of 10). The other designers seem to have some game design pedigree behind them too. At any rate I took the plunge and spent a whole $10US for the lowest funding bracket. Looking forward to getting that PDF when it’s done!

To get you inspired, there’s a Flickr group which includes some great micro Lego robots. If you’re after some of the smaller Lego parts you’ll need to build these robots BrickLink is a great place to find a local reseller of single Lego parts. They even have New Zealand and Australian resellers on there!

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