Mobile Frame Zero Stations

While I wait for the MFZ rules to be released as a ‘backer only’ preview I’m still building all manner of Lego constructions. MFZ is typically played on a 3′-4′ gaming table, so I’m looking to fill that area with enough Lego terrain to provide adequate cover. I’ve build my two teams of ‘frames’, but haven’t quite sorted out their load outs yet (so I’ll post them later).

However each team of frames needs 2 – 3 ‘stations’ to battle over. You’re awarded victory points depending on both the condition of your frames, and the number of stations you control. Stations are apparently treated as indestructable in MFZ, which is unlike normal terrain. Keeping that in mind I’ve created a small set of ‘communication’ stations that have a minimal footprint on the table, and hopefully don’t look like they provide any sort of useful cover.

I’m also working to master MLCad, which is an open source alternate to Lego’s official ‘Lego Digital Designer’. As MLCad doesn’t have the ‘snap to’ logic that LDD has, it’s a little more flexible in terms of creating the crazy Lego joins that can be common in Lego robots at this scale. MLCad is also noticeably faster than the slicker looking LDD, at least on my crappy old P4. I plan to capture anything of interest I build in MLCad files if I can. Here’s a sample station as an MLCad file.

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