Mobile Frame Zero Buildings

Mobile Frame Zero Building As I mentioned in the last post, Mobile Frame Zero includes rules for cover taking damage from missed shots. As the covering terrain is all made entirely of Lego, the rules dictate how many bricks the firer is allowed to remove from terrain for each missed shot. As you can imagine a completed game of Mobile Frame Zero will have a lot of brick debris scattered around the table. This is a great idea in terms of game play, but it does mean your carefully constructed Lego terrain will be ripped to pieces during a game!

Mobile Frame Zero Building MLCAD Preview This is one of the primary reasons I’ve been learning MLCad. I love building terrain with Lego, but if it’s going to be taken apart again I want a permanent record of what I’ve built. The advantage of using MLCad is of course I can share my creations with the growing Mobile Frame Zero community. I spent an hour and captured this building I built as an MLCAD plan. You can download it by clicking the image to the right.

I’ll be posting more terrain and MLCAD plans as I get them built. Feel free to use them for your Lego constructions. If they see some play on your table, or blog, or you modify them into something more interesting I’d love to hear about it, and links back here are also welcomed!

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