Dystopian Wars: Covenant Naval Battle Group Painted

Covenant of Antarctica Battleship Painted There’s been a bit of downtime on this blog recently, mainly due to me foolishly purchasing a certain Xbox game on sale from NZGameshop.com (an excellent source of cheap Xbox games by the way). Now that I’ve mostly crawled out from under that addiction, I’m painting again. My gaming buddies have also managed to get our act together for the last two weeks and play some more Dystopian Wars!

A couple of amusing games later and I was inspired enough to finish my Covenant Battleship. Here it is with the painted Cruisers as well. That means I’ve managed to paint the contents of my initial Covenant Battle Group – huzzah! Left on the paint station are two Icarus Flyers, which will definitely be painted as they’re a great vessel, a Pericles Fleet Carrier and Escorts. I’ve painted all the blasted Tiny Flyers for the Pericles so I guess I’ll be obliged to paint it as well, and if I do that the Escorts have to be done too. Also since I recklessly ordered a Blazing Suns Naval box in Maelstrom’s recent 20% sale I’m motivated to finish the Covenant Fleet so I can crack on with some Japanese vessels.

I have to say I’m pretty happy with the Covenant of Antarctica as a fleet. They’re not really heavy hitters but they’ve got good staying power thanks to the Shield Generators and Inventive Scientists, as well as being fairly fast on the table. The Diogenes frigates continue to disappoint me though, so it’s a pity you get nine of the buggers in the box. Possibly I’m using them incorrectly, but honestly I’d much rather have less Plutarchs for 10 more points each.

I’m looking forward to seeing how the Blazing Suns fleet differs from Covenant in play.

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