Dystopian Wars: Cheapo Icebergs

Dystopian Wars Icebergs As I’ve been playing a bit of Dystopian Wars recently, I thought it was probably time to throw together some terrain. As my first force is the Covenant of Antarctica, the terrain had to be icebergs. Fortunately I had a bunch of scraps from the DOW Blue foam I picked up way back in 2005.

Five minutes of hot wiring and a little light sanding gave me plenty of basic ‘iceberg’ shapes. I painted them with white house-paint before ink washing back to the basic DOW blue colour! They were then dry-brushed with the same white housepaint and matt varnished. I probably could have just dry-brushed the basic DOW Blue foam with white for much the same effect.

At any rate now I have enough icebergs to dump down on a Dystopian Wars table at the next game.

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