Pulp: EBob Opel Blitz with Wooden Flatbed

Pulp Flatbed Pickup I painted this Ebob Opel Blitz several years ago and it has featured in a number of Pulp .45 games, as terrain or a player driven vehicle.

However I’ve never got around to painting the back deck that comes with it. The deck is historically accurate, well modeled and textured, but it is very cramped. It is hard to get more than a couple of based 28mm figures into the back of the truck. Odd criteria I admit, but more often than not players want to get figures into the truck if it is on the table.

So this weekend I put together a simple ‘woodie’ flat deck that drops on top of the Opel chassis. It’s made from some balsa off-cuts glued together with PVA. The paint job is just some Vallejo brown with a lighter colour drybrushed over it, and then varnished with my custom ‘chestnut dip’. It works well, blends nicely with the vehicle and you can get a handful of figures on there too.

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