Pulp: Panzer 38(t) Assembled

Pulp Panzer 38(t) Assembled Here’s the Warlord Panzer 38(t) I reviewed recently assembled and detailed with some bits and pieces from EBob miniatures and my own personal collection of crates. The jerry cans are in a small box built from plasti-card and the resin crate has a crudely sculpted tarp over it. Hopefully a bit of careful painting can hide the sub-par sculpting there. I’ve also added some simple straps over the 40 gallon drum and the jerry cans.

The tank looks quite nice put together and I’m looking forward to painting it up, probably with the ‘Marmite technique’. Although I do notice the hull and coax machine gun metal parts are alarmingly flimsy and prone to bend – in fact the hull MG is bent in the photo. So you have to be a little careful when you handle the tank turret. I’ve also magnetised the turret. I only had some tiny 2 x 3mm magnets in my bits box so just drilled fore and aft holes under the turret and magnetised it there. That means the turret is really only held on when pointing directly forwards or backwards, but that’s fine for transport.

It’s a nice looking little tank and I’m glad I expended some minor effort to add a little stowage as I think it makes the model look more ‘lived in’ on the table.

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