Mobile Frame Zero – Game One

Mobile Frame Zero Game My Kickstarter funded official Mobile Frame Zero rulebook arrived last weekend and it is a beautiful piece of work. Despite having the PDF of the same rulebook in my hands for months now I haven’t got around to actually playing the game, due to a lack of green, blue and yellow coloured dice. Fortunately Dustan was able to hook me up with 36 coloured dice from his local $2 shop down in Gisborne. Thanks man!

Armed with the Gisborne dice, and three groups of Mobile Frames I’d thrown together fairly randomly we played with Lego toys rather than toy soldiers at the last gaming night. Everybody enjoyed themselves and I think the general consensus was that it was an interesting game that is worth playing again. Seeing MFZ in motion certainly lets you appreciate the simple elegance of the system. The basic rule set is minimal compared to some other ‘phone book’ rules we use, and yet the game is tactically rich enough to entertain you for hours. I plan to teach the rules to my 9 year old son this weekend and see how he finds it.

If you’re an AFOL, or just a Dad with some Lego you can borrow from your kids, and enjoy board games or war games, then I heartily recommend trying out Mobile Frame Zero. The PDF version of the rules are free for download, but I’d also recommend purchasing a physical copy of the rulebook because it’s very nicely put together and reasonably priced.

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