Star Wars X-Wing: Rebel Ship Painting

Star Wars X Wing Repainting The flat white and silver ‘droid heads on my X-Wing Rebel spacecraft have always bothered me when we play Star Wars X-Wing. So in an idle moment I whipped out a super fine paintbrush and added some Vallejo colours to the astromechs on my Rebel ships. It was so easy I spent an extra 5 minutes touching up the cockpit windows, repainting the yellow tones on the Y-Wing so they were a bit clearer and adding some additional yellow to one of the X-Wings just to distinguish it from the other. That paint scheme is vaguely inspired by Red 3’s but it’s not cinema-accurate so don’t bother telling me I’ve screwed it up.

Over-painting these Rebel ships was surprisingly easy, especially considering I hadn’t even bothered cleaning them before hand so they were probably covered in finger grease. A little splash of colour on the astromech heads also makes the ships easier to spot on the battlefield. Definitely worth spending the 5 minutes to over-paint these Star Wars Rebel vessels. If you’re considering doing the same I’d happily recommend it.

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