Mordheim: Magnetising Orcs and Goblins

magnetisedOrcArms I have an Mordheim Orc and Goblin warband that is older than my youngest child (who’s now seven). If you’ve even played Mordheim you know that it’s not uncommon to change weapons between games, as you acquire more loot. To this end I painted all my Orc and Goblin arms separately years ago. The photo shows all my Orc arm options, including a few crudely sculpted wooden clubs. Typically these were blue tacked onto the painted Orc bodies prior to gaming, which worked but was kind of a crappy interim solution.

magnetisedOrcs2 We haven’t played Mordheim for years, but as I had a bunch of tiny 2mm rare earth magnets kicking around in the garage I decided to try magnetising this Orc warband. Drilling out the shoulders with a pin vice was fairly easy, doing the arms took a little more care but they worked fine. The magnets easily have enough force to hold the limbs on, and can also hold them in any position.

magnetisedOrcs1 Here’s the Mordheim Orcs with a set of magnetised arms, and the same Orcs with a second set. I should have done this years ago, and if anybody out there is still playing Mordheim grab yourself some rare earth magnets and go for it. I bought the magnets from Aussie Magnets and will probably grab another batch of 100 x 2mm discs as they’re immensely useful for war gaming.

Ah, apparently Aussie Magnets no longer ship to New Zealand. That is unless you want to pay $54 for ‘International Courier’. Instead I guess I’ll be trying out Dangerous Magnets, who are a local crowd.

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