Sculpting a 15mm Building Finished – Tutorial

15mm Building Facade Painted Here’s the second 15mm facade, based and painted. The base is an old CD which has been vigorously sanded for texture and then had the facade glued down to it with PVA. DAS air-drying clay was used to build up some ground around the building, and to help secure it to the CD somewhat.

Once dried the DAS was covered over with a mixture of various different Woodland Scenics model railway ‘ballast’ sizes, with a few pieces of broken balsa wood thrown in for variety. More balsa wood was used to detail the flat back of the cast facade, and build up some ruined floors. The small portion of brick wall you see is from a Linka mold which has been snapped and carved with a Dremel too.

15mm Building Facade Rear Painted The whole lot was then sprayed with a cheap black enamel spray can. This works nicely to seal the porous plaster of the cast facade. The ground and facade were drybrushed with acrylic house paint test pots and then lightly varnished with Army Painter matt varnish.

The German Panzer MK IV ‘Long’ shows you the scale is a little more Flames of War friendly than my previous facade which was three stories tall.

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