Linka Dublo Brick Corner Store – Open All Hours

Dublo OO Scale Corner Shop Several years ago now I built my father-in-law a row of terraced Dublo OO scale shops using Linka Molds. Now I’ve got him again for the family present exchange and have decided to create a small corner shop using the remaining Linka casts that have been sitting in my garage for seven years. After digging them out I was happy to find I do have enough casts left to make another small building.

The photo shows the basic frontage for the store built up using scrap plasticard and foam board, before I started patching the gaps Linka molds occasionally produce. I’m aiming to build something that looks like the corner shop from a classic 70’s British sitcom: Open All Hours. It’s not going to be an exact match because I don’t have the patience to construct bay windows using Linka molds – although of course that’s possible with careful cutting. It’s also going to be the same height and width as the older buildings I constructed, so they fit together nicely on a Dublo railway table.

The shop windows will be cut from OHP transparency plastic, and populated with items from various Model Railway Scenery PDF files, which are a very reasonably priced source of OO scale printable railway scenery. They also provide a nice sheet of 1930’s era advertising, which while a little anachronistic for Open All Hours, works nicely for a Dublo train table. I intend to slap a few of these on the blank side of the store to break up the monotonous brickwork.

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