Mordheim Ruined Fieldstone Canal Bridge

Hirst Arts Mordheim Ruined Bridge We’ve been playing a little bit of Mordheim recently, one of the better Games Workshop ‘Specialist Games’ that came out decades ago and have since been abandoned by GW. We still play on the 3′ x 4′ Mordheim table I built years ago from Hirst Arts tiles.

This table features a large, central 3′ canal section with a single bridge, which inevitably becomes a choke point. After years of play on the table I’ve decided the canal needs more than a single method of crossing it.

Digging around recently in the garage I uncovered my stash of cast Hirst Arts blocks. I didn’t have enough bridge and arch pieces left to create an entire, intact fieldstone bridge. Fortunately Mordheim is a ruined city and I did have enough remnants left to build two simple free-standing bridge parts. I want them free standing so they can be moved around to cross different parts of the canal. They also extend out far enough that the gap can be bridged with a variety of balsa wood plank sections I also made years ago, or for the more adventurous, the gap could be left empty and the Mordheim ‘heroic leaping’ rules put into play.

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