Mordheim Reiklanders Painted

Mordheim Human Warband According to the archives of this blog, I started assembling this Reiklander warband for Mordheim back in July 2003! That’s a little embarrassing really and it makes this warband a year older than my oldest child.

This week I’ve finally finished painting the original warband to a tabletop standard. They were half laboriously hand painted, and half speed painted and dipped. Honestly, once they’re on the table you can’t really tell the difference between those two painting methods either.

Now it’s onto re-assembling my Skaven Mordheim warband and speed painting the lot of them. Alas Games Workshop retired their great multi-part Clanrat sprues in 2009 apparently, and replaced them with rather uninspired single body figures – ugh. Hopefully I have enough pre-2009 Skaven bits to build a decent warband. I’ll also have to pick up an old school metal Rat Ogre from somehwere…

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