Mordheim Undead Painted

Mordheim Undead Warband Continuing the theme of “finishing stuff I should have done years ago”, here’s my Mordheim Undead warband finally entirely painted. Rather than using the rather ugly Dracula figure that was part of the original Mordheim Undead metals (and which I seem to have either lost or never owned), I painted up an old Games Workshop Lahmian Fantasy Vampire instead. She’s a nicer figure, although she’s only armed with a dagger and a snake. For Mordheim I’m going to call the snake on her arm a ‘mace’.

To finish off this warband I only needed to paint the Vampire and the two metal Dregs. Once again these figures have been kicking around in my garage since at least 2003. The majority of them were also carefully painted with multiple coats and ink washing too, unlike the Vampire and Dregs who got a base coat, some highlighted flesh and a simple dip in Wattyl stained floor varnish. At tabletop range, it’s hard to tell the difference between those dipped figures and the other ones.

Unfortunately most of my spray on varnish has expired, so these figures are a little more ‘gritty’ feeling than they should be. You can see the shonky varnish in evidence, particularly on the base of that lead Dreg. Compare it to the base of the Zombie to his left and you’ll see the problem. Oh well, I’ve since chucked out all my old varnish and purchased a new batch!

Next on the paint station is a bunch of plastic Cadians. I have two whole troop squads with heavy weapons, plus their command squad and an all metal Cadian HQ section that I’m going to experiment on with Army Painter ‘Desert Yellow’ coloured spray primer.

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