Desert Cadians – Speed Painted

Speed Painted Cadians Right! Here’s the squad of plastic Cadians I primed with Army Painter Desert Yellow around a week ago – finished and varnished already. I think they look perfectly acceptable for rank and file.

The colour primer helped speed up the process immensely. I over-painted it in a few places where shadowing left too much grey showing, but generally didn’t bother. Over the primer went a base coat of Vallejo paints for the armor, bronze and gold for the insignia and metallics for the weaponry. The only parts that had any more than a base coat applied were the flesh tones which were highlighted in a couple of steps, as well as the weapons. The bases were drybrushed a lighter tone to cover the model railway ballast a little more. After that Wattyl ‘All In One’ satin varnish in the colour of ‘Kauri’ was painted on carefully (avoiding bubbles and blobs) and then left to dry. Followed by a dusting of Testor’s Dull Coat lacquer.

I’m busy assembling a second Cadian squad. I think for this lot I’ll try my hand at a ‘pea’ style desert camo just out of interest and to distinguish the squads a little.

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