Daemonhunters Retinue – Speed Painted

Daemonhunters Retinue Speed Painted Continuing in my quest to paint all the things in my garage, here’s a Daemonhunter retinue from 2003. They’re good old Games Workshop metals and are probably some of the nicest 40K figures I own, so it’s criminal they’ve been bare metal for over a decade. I particularly enjoyed painting the yellow sage with his expressive face, the screaming chainsaw nutter with missing teeth, and the cherubim who is straight out of a John Blanche illustration.

As usual these guys have been dipped in satin floor varnish for quick shading, although I did spend a little more time highlighting their clothing and flesh than I would have if they weren’t HQ figures. I’ve also experimented with using a 0.1mm felt tip pen for drawing illustrations and ‘text’ (squiggles) on their scroll work. The cherubim and sage had their scrolls painted, while everybody else got quick pen work on theirs. Using the felt tip pen is certainly faster than painting on writing, but the final effect isn’t as fine as brushwork.

This is also my first time actually trying to paint a simple ‘plasma’ effect on a weapon too. Usually I don’t bother because I always thought it looked a little silly and who would use a glow in the dark weapon on a 40K battlefield! But this time I thought what the heck. The effect is still a little too bright for me, and it would have got a light blue ink-wash to dull it down, if only I could find any ink on my chaotic paint station.

The base they’re standing on is part of my collection. Made way back in 2006 from Hirst Art blocks based on an old CD.

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