Review: Perry Miniatures Mahdists for Pulp Gaming

Perry Miniatures Mahdists A while ago on the Warhammer subreddit somebody posted this great themed 40k Space Marine army. The army is beautiful, but that second photo of the cultists caught my eye. Those figures would be superb for Pulp gaming. It turns out they’re Perry Miniatures plastic Mahdists with weapon swaps.

The Perry brothers released these figures back in 2011, and they’re still a bargain, with 40 plastic figures in a box that’ll cost you $40nzd locally. That’s a buck a figure, which is interesting to compare with the Games Workshop Empire Battle Wizards box which cost me the same amount for two plastic figures recently. Anyway I had to have some, so ordered a box a week or so ago from Wayland Games. They arrived Saturday and I’ve been playing around with them since.

Perry Miniatures Mahdist ScaleThese multipart figures are intended to be used for Arabic and African tribesmen fighting in the Victorian Mahdist War in the Sudan (which Winston Churchill experienced). However what I wanted them for was Arabic street life, thieves, thugs and possibly angry mobs. I’ve been assembling a bunch of them as ‘Nile Arabs’ in angry ‘sticks and fists’ poses which is quite easy to do with the figures. Many of their arms are carrying spears on the original sprues, so a bit of creative trimming gives you sticks pretty easily.

The second photo is a quick scale compare with some other 28mm figures. That’s an Artizan Designs DAK German to the left and a Copplestone Castings Professor on the right. I’ve put the Mahdists on GW plastic bases so the comparison is fair. As you can see the Perry Mahdists mix nicely with other 28mm Pulp ranges.

Perry Miniatures Mahdist Mob Here’s the same figures posed as a small, angry mob. The box gives you 40 figures, I suspect I can use most of them, in a mix of roles:

  • A handful could be used as hawkers, or general folks in the street, which should mix nicely with my West Wind Cairo crowd once painted.
  • Street thieves escaping a crime, possibly with a group of adventurers pursuing them.
  • Animal herders (the sticks and stances sort of suggest that on a few of the figures), who could be driving the two Ebob Miniatures camels I have through town.
  • An angry street mob pursuing somebody that needs beating with sticks and fists. Perhaps a foolish adventurer who discharged a pistol in a busy street!
  • Really enraged villagers or farmers out for blood, armed with their father’s swords and ancient 1860’s rifle/musket weapons. This is because the arm options on the sprues will force me to give at least a handful of figures swords and muskets.

At any rate this reasonably priced box of Perry Miniatures has given me a bunch of figures to use as kick off points, or as extras in a bunch of Pulp scenarios.

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