Pulp: Bolt Action Panzer 38(T) in Worn Desert Paint

Bolt Action Panzer 38(T) Front I bought and assembled this Bolt Action Panzer 38(T) from Warlord games back in 2013, started to paint it and then proceeded to carefully drop it on the concrete garage floor. It has sat in my gaming cupboard of shame since then with a detached main gun. As 2015 is the year of ‘finishing stuff’ I’ve patched it up by drilling out the old barrel hole, slightly shortening the existing barrel and quickly finishing off the paint job. The paint job was weathered using the old Marmite method.

Bolt Action Panzer 38(T) Back A desert paint job isn’t historically accurate if you’re talking Deutsches Afrikakorps forces of course, but they didn’t start using the 38(T) until after Nazi Germany invaded and annexed Czechoslovakia. Prior to that the Czechs sold 50 of the early 38(T) to Iran in the late 30’s according to Wikipedia. So let’s just say this is an Iranian 38(T).

However this tank was originally painted for Pulp .45 Adventures, although I’ve never used it. I should actually write up an ‘avoid the patrol’ style scenario with this tank lurking in the background. Perhaps the Pulp .45 Adventurers have to search for a box of molotov cocktails before the Pulp Nazis find them…

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