Pulp: Painting Artizan Villains for Bolt Action

Bolt Action DAK Command I’m continuing to clear my backlog of unpainted figures. Here we have several Artizan Designs figures I’ve finished recently for my small Bolt Action DAK Force.

Major Kreipe and Herr Tohdt will form my the Command unit of the force. I can’t afford a Major in a 750pt force so he’ll just have to be the Second Lieutenant (or the German equivalent) for the Infantry squads. Herr Tohdt is his political advisor, or perhaps he’s heard there’s religious artifacts in the area of operations.

I purchased both these figures back in 2007, so it’s good to see them finally varnished, although Herr Tohdt appears to be wearing an opera cape that’s actually an overcoat like the Major’s. I couldn’t resist giving it a leather look and a red lining though.

boltActionDAKMortar I have also finished up this heavy mortar team for Bolt Action. These figures were a more recent purchase, I believe I picked them up with a bunch of Artizan’s SAS figures for a Pulp scenario I had in mind a year ago. The spotter on the left was painted with dipping, which you can see has pooled rather heavily on his base. The other figures were painted with a Army Painter Quickshade ink washes. Not the best paint jobs, but they’re rank and file so I can live with them. Now I just have ten more Artizan DAK Germans to paint, and a Panzer III to finish up.

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