Bolt Action: Lady and the Tank

Rubicon Panzer III Painted TCOW gaming club met last Sunday, and I was up for my first game of Bolt Action, so I painted the Rubicon Panzer III up for it in rather a hurry. As I still have cans of Tamiya paint in the garage, it got the old ‘Marmite weathering’ paint job as per other vehicles in my collection.

I really should endeavour to paint vehicles in a different fashion, but when it comes to desert armor it seems I can’t help myself. It just has to look like it’s been driven all over Egypt and Libya through terrible sand storms.

The other advantage of the Marmite technique is that you can bang out an interesting looking paint scheme pretty quickly. The Rubicon Panzer was a joy to paint too, with the tracks and wheels being kept unglued until just before varnishing. The tracks do look a little clean to me, but I didn’t want to ruin anything with crude dry-brushing. I’ve ordered a couple of Tamiya Weathering Sticks from Acorn Models, mud and dust, to experiment with.

The rather scary looking ‘lady’ standing next to the Panzer is from Pulp Figures’ She Wolves range, which I was traded recently. She was painted just as a break from painting the Artizan DAK Germans I need to finish up for my 750pt Bolt Action force.

The TCOW Blog has a post up from Sunday, including a couple of shots from the game we played. You can see them about half way down the page as they include my Crescent Root Studios North African buildings. It’s a damn shame Crescent Root don’t make these any more. I had a blast playing Bolt Action and we fought Point Defense to a draw. The veteran DAK on defense were very nearly wiped out by early war Russians with a crazy T-35, with only the painted Panzer III surviving. Looking forward to getting some more Bolt Action in as soon as possible!

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