Bolt Action: Three armies already!

Brits Bolt Action is so refreshingly reasonably priced, even in the local New Zealand market that I can’t stop buying stuff. The photo shows my latest and probably last two purchases from Mighty Ape.

That’s enough troops to build a 1000-1200pts British Bolt Action force for both early war in the Desert – with a Matilda infantry tank for support, or Late War in Normandy with the Cromwell that comes in the box. That’s a whole new army for less than $200NZD. Fantastic!

Warlord British Tanks Being a fan of tanks, I couldn’t resist putting together both the Matilda and the Cromwell asap. The Cromwell is from Italeri so is a pretty easy build. I have heard some mixed comments about Warlord’s ealier resin kits so was curious to see how the Matilda worked out. It did require a moderate amount of sanding to get rid of the resin gates, and a wee bit of messing around dry fitting the tracks to the main body, but the end result is lovely. I’ve actually just dry pinned the tracks on for the time being until I get around to painting this tank. The Matilda’s metal commander ended up in the Cromwell because the commander’s hatch is much larger, and because the metal half figure is nicer than the awful plastic figure on the sprue.

Now I have to stop assembling Brits and crack on with painting my Late War Germans! As well as the Stug that still hasn’t been primed.

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