Bolt Action: Compass Cutters

Bolt Action Assembly I’ve been assembling a lot of Bolt Action plastics recently, out of the excellent British Army Box I picked up. My only criticism of this box (and I assume the other Warlord Army Box deals) is that it came with no bases supplied for the metal team weapons in the box. For the British box, that’s a Vickers MMG team, a medium Mortar team and the classic 6 Pdr AT gun.

I could have cut square bases for these teams from plastic card, but have grown quite fond of the round bases that my other team weapons are based on. Basing has no effect in a game of Bolt Action, since it’s a true LOS game. However a round base seems a nice tidy solution for figures, and I wanted to be consistent across my armies.

Takapuna Art Supplies came to the rescue with an $8nzd Compass Cutter. This is a nifty tool designed for cutting circles in paper, leather and the like. Cutting 0.5mm plastic card is a bit of a stretch for it, but if you’re careful and patient you can score a deep enough circle to convince the plastic card to snap cleanly.

Last night I cut myself two 60mm bases and a larger 70mm base for the 6 Pdr. The bases are a little flexible but shouldn’t be once they’re covered in Pollyfilla for the ground effect. Since this is a workbench photo you get a free Kubelwagen too, which is only a mildly useful transport in Bolt Action, but a lovely little model from Warlord!

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