This is Not a Test: Painted Raider Warband

This is Not a Test Raider Warband The TCOW war gaming club told us last club day there was a This is Not a Test campaign starting up, so for the last two weeks I’ve been painting up ten figures as a TnT Raider warband.

This is Not a Test is a sci-fi skirmish game played on a 4″x 4″ table. It’s independently published so you’re free to use any suitable post apocalyptic or science fiction figures you have to hand. The 400 point Raider warband I put together using these figures was very easy to play as WYSIWYG thanks to the flexibility of the TnT warband construction rules.

The warband is made from a mix of old Necromunda Scavvies, who have been in my gaming cupboard of shame since late 2008, and three Hyenas from Obelisk Miniatures who have been sitting in that same cupboard since early 2007. I started 2015 vowing to knock off some of my half finished projects, so these guys nicely fit the bill. I’ve got a few spare as well, which will let me expand the warband slightly as I play the TCOW campaign.

They hit one of the five TnT tables at TCOW last Sunday and through a combination of dumb luck and some unusually high dice rolling (for me) managed to triumph in their first campaign game, with only the three mongrels being knocked out of action.

TnT was pretty easy to play, feeling very much like a modern take on older systems like Mordheim or Necromunda. It’s D10 based and uses opposed rolls. It is also mercifully free of the awful ‘I go, you go’ turn order GW always insisted on using, even in skirmish games. TnT has an interesting model activation system that’ll see you trading activations with your opponent several times in a single turn. It’s also possible to support multiple players using this system (although I’m not sure it’s recommended).

It also has an experience and campaign system that reminds me strongly of Necromunda, which is a good thing. Post the first battle my three knocked out mongrels took a variety of wounds, and I earned 80 points to spend on a few more figures for the next game in a fortnight!

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