This is Not a Test: Source of 28mm Robots

Depend-o-bot I’m still playing “This is Not a Test” out at TCOW gaming club. Recently my Raiders warband acquired a ‘Depend-o-bot’, which is exactly what it sounds like…a surviving pre-apocalyptic robot. I’ve been using an old GW Necron for this figure, until another TCOW member rocked up with a bunch of Mantic robot parts. They were great and I traded away some torn sofas for enough parts to build two robotic pals.

Officially they’re from the Mantic ‘Ro-Tek Brutes’ Dreadball team, and come in separate leg, torso, head and arm pieces cast in ‘restic’, which is a cross between plastic and resin that Mantic use a lot apparently. This is the first time I’ve encountered it and I wasn’t that impressed to be honest. The figures themselves are lovely, but restic is much softer than the usual plastic other figure companies use, and it didn’t file or trim that well. It was a bit of a challenge to clean up the parts prior to assembly.

To give the Depend-o-bot a gun, I’ve reversed one of the sledgehammer style tools that come with the Dreadball kit and just thrown a bit of aluminium tube in the end. The original robots don’t have any ranged weaponry, just bludgeoning tools and what I think are meant to be ball catching implements. I’ve also added a good old broom bristle antennae sticking out of the rear of his carapace.

The robot was painted in a similar manner to my Hot Wheels cars from earlier this year, and has had a bit of AK Interactive weathering powder thrown over his wheels and some of the base.

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