TCOW: Bludgefest!

TCOW Bludgefest 2015 This weekend at TCOW, I was supposed to play a game of This is Not a Test against another clubbie. Unfortunately I miscalculated on the amount of fantastic bargains that would be available at the ‘Bludgefest’ swap meet that was going on at the same time. The photo shows about 1/3rd of the nerdy goodness that was available for trade or purchase.

I spent the whole afternoon talking nonsense, and pawing through various boxes of sprues and metal soldiers on a bunch of tables set up in the sun. It was glorious! I parted with a few things I didn’t need any more, Star Wars Armada (which I found a disappointing game with very expensive expansions) and a Warmachine Cryx starter set. That gave me plenty of spending money to pick up a bunch of random stuff from the various tables, which I probably also didn’t need…

TCOW Bludgefest 2015 Haul My haul consisted of two partially stripped sprues from the older Warhammer Skaven Battalion box, which gave me enough bits for two Rat Ogres for my unpainted Mordheim Skaven warband for $3. I also picked up a bunch of OOP Skaven metals from various releases for a $1 each, which gives me plenty of character models for the warband too. Deathmaster Snikch in particular is a beautiful bit of sculpture. A rather impractical figure for Mordheim but he’ll be fun to paint.

The half price Panzer II will go into my DAK force, since it did actually appear in North Africa, unlike my early Pulp painted Panzer 38(T). It’s the older Warlord resin model, which is still a lovely bit of kit. In Bolt Action the Panzer II is only 10pts more expensive than an SdKfz-222 armored car, has exactly the same armament, but is a full tracked and enclosed light tank. It’ll probably be just as effective as my Panzer III against infantry and armored cars, but at around half the points cost.

Finally a gent was flogging off his ‘Toughest Girls in the Galaxy’ Kickstarter figures. These weren’t cheap, so I only grabbed three. They’re lovely sculpts, even if one of the figures has an annoying miscast issue which I only noticed on assembly. I plan to paint them up as civilian volunteers as part of my second This is Not a Test warband.

Next TCOW I must remember to actually play a game of something!

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