Bolt Action: Converted German DAK Flamethrower

DAK Flamethrower Side A couple of months ago I used some press-molded tanks from a Bolt Action Late War German figure (on the right) to build a post apocalyptic flamethrower conversion. That worked so well I also press-molded the tanks onto an Artizan DAK figure, so he could go into a Panzerpioneer squad.

He’s been languishing on my paint station since then, and I’ve painted up the other seven men in the unit, so he needed to be finished! Last weekend I trimmed down the tanks, taking off all the additional detail which hadn’t molded that well, and then built them up again with green stuff, based on the Bolt Action figure.

DAK Flamethrower Rear The hose is formed from a bit of 0.9mm garden wire which has been pinned into the butt of his original metal rifle, and slipped and glued into a bit of aluminium rod which was superglued to the bottom of the tanks.

The original rifle was crudely filed down to represent the simple barrel of the German flamethrower. Apparently the fuel was mixed and ignited in the barrel of the real thing, which must have got bloody hot, so I’ll paint his hands as gloved. Once he’s done that’ll finish the third squad for my Bolt Action DAK force.

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