Mordheim: Hirst Arts Table

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Recently I set up my Hirst Arts Mordheim table and took some photos, because some of the fine folks at the TCOW gaming club were curious about what I had hidden in the garage. I’ve built this table up over years, from a variety of Hirst Arts molds, balsa wood, and foam board. If you look at older posts in the blog’s Mordheim category you’ll find the details.

To exercise the table, I’ve ordered a copy of Osprey’s Frostgrave from the Book Depository and hopefully it’ll get here before Xmas! I’m also going to invest in a little hobby time to build a handful more walkways, and ladders, and maybe two or three more fence sections to add to the set up. I must also finish the basing and painting on the Hirst Arts ruined Church I largely finished building earlier this year. That would make a great centrepiece for the table as well.

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