Bolt Action: DAK Panzer Pioneer with Flamethrower

DAK Panzer Pioneer Squad I’ve just finished up a third squad for my DAK Bolt Action force, now that I’ve finally painted up the Flamethrower I converted from a humble Rifleman.

This squad is built from two blisters of Artizan Designs DAK Germans, heavy on the MP38 carry figures as this is a Panzer Pioneer Assault squad.

They’ll be used as part of the 1000pt Bolt Action Early War force I plan to take to Battlecry in early 2016, where hopefully the Flamethrower can crisp some opponents, but is more likely to be relentlessly targeted for destruction.

DAK Panzer Pioneer Flamethrower The Flamethrower painted up nicely once I got down to it. I had to resist the urge to try and add sponged on grey dings to the back pack flame thrower tanks. Simply because I’d painted most of the figure before I thought of trying it, and it’d be too hard to control without getting paint on the uniform.

Unfortunately TCOW has closed down for the year, otherwise I’d take them out for a spin on the table. Ah well, 2016 isn’t that far away!

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