Frostgrave: Hirst Arts and Foamcore Building

Wizard House Painted Front We’ve been playing a few warm up games of Frostgrave recently on my old Mordheim table, and it’s quickly become obvious I need a lot more cover! Frostgrave’s combat is considerably more brutal than Mordheim’s, and a few lucky rolls with archery or line-of-sight spells can spell a short end to your warband. I’m used to the dreadfully mediocre archery of Mordheim and my table is usually set up with fairly wide open avenues of fire.

To combat this the first thing I’m going to do is start playing Frostgrave on a 3′ x 3′ table which will allow me to pack my existing buildings into a smaller space. The next thing I’m doing is finishing some outstanding terrain projects to add a few more bits and pieces.

Wizard House Painted Rear First up is this ruined Wizard house, which is based on a Hirst Arts Fieldstone foundation that I built as an early experiment with the excellent Hirst Arts Ruined Fieldstone mold. The photos include an old Mordheim Pit Fighter Hired Sword for scale.

The upper floors are built from foam board with balsa trimmings and the whole thing was speed painted in a weekend, hence the somewhat heavy handed dry brushing on the Hirst Arts blocks. To keep things a little more interesting I tried added a bay window to the first floor, as well as a bit of signage out the front which is meant to indicate an Alchemist or Wizard’s goblet of some kind.

I’ve also thrown together a handful more balsa wood walkways and ladders for the table, and plan to build another three for four fence sections too. As well as carefully considering Frostgrave spells that actively block LOS like the Elemamentalist’s “Wall”, Illusionsist’s “Invisibility”, or the Witch’s “Fog”.

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