Bolt Action: Another Artizan DAK Squad + Objectives for Tourney

Bolt Action DAK Objectives A bunch of the TCOW folks are heading to a one day Bolt Action tourney at this year’s Battlecry in Auckland. In a moment of madness I’ve signed up as well, despite the fact my most painted army is DAK Germans. Germans are often acknowledged to be disadvantaged compared to newer Bolt Action forces, like the Italians for example.

So now I’m furiously re-jigging my army and trying to paint up to 1000pts to finish it off before the 21th of Feb this year. I don’t have a lot left fortunately and here’s the first group off the paint table. These are Artizan Designs DAK metals for my new 2nd Lieutenant, a small squad of six DAK Germans for a fourth squad, and three rather vanilla objectives. The objectives are more casts of my old Pulp crates, and are meant to represent supplies the DAK Germans desperately need to capture.

I have three vehicles left to paint, a small Kubelwagen transport, a half painted Panzer II to complete and a primed Hanomag as well. Given the partially painted state of all three of these vehicles I’m fairly confident I can knock them off before Battlecry rolls around. I’ll also have to try and remember how to play Bolt Action!

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