Bolt Action: DAK Panzer II and Kubelwagen for Battlecry

Bolt Action Kubelwagen and Panzer II

Battlecry 2016 is this weekend! I’ve almost painted up the required 1000 points of Deutsche Afrika Korps early war Germans, with just one Hanomag remaining to varnish and weather before Saturday.

Here’s two vehicles I’ve knocked off in the last couple of weeks for the force. A Kubelwagen and a Panzer II in DAK colours. The more observant might notice the Kubelwagen driver isn’t quite correct for the period (hint the smock and helmet cover mark him as Waffen SS). Alas he’s the figure that came with the vehicle and I had neither the time, nor inclination to mess around with him prior to the tournament.

The Kubelwagen is magnetised so I can swap the open and closed canopy options and take the AA MMG out if required. I most likely will strip the AA MMG out when playing, because it’s +15 points on a +21 point transport vehicle. That almost doubles the cost of that order dice and adds an expensive MMG to a very flimsy vehicle that is likely to simply be skulking around the back of the table most games.

Bolt Action Kubelwagen and Panzer II The Panzer II was acquired for a very reasonable price from the last TCOW Bludgefest and is a fun little model to paint up and play. Normally I’d chuck some stowage on the back deck, as I have in the past with other tanks, but again time constraints meant I focused on painting it ASAP.

I’ll be very happy to finally knock off the Hanomag and call the 1000pts a painted force (although some could do with repaints). Regardless of how well I go in the tournament, it was great to have a target to aim for and actually reach. Although after spending about a month painting Bolt Action Germans I’m quite looking forward to taking a break and moving some Frostgrave or This is Not a Test figures back into the painting queue!

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